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From The Editor:

     Seventeen years ago, I embarked on a fascinating historical quest which I’d now like to share with my fellow sportsmen: my research into the life and angling accomplishments of the late Cal Johnson, the famous outdoor writer, lecturer, radio personality, and the holder of the world record muskellunge in 1949.

After finally locating, Phil Johnson, Cal’s only son, to see if he had any memorabilia and information regarding his father’s outdoor career, I was quite overwhelmed by what he was about to share with me.

Mrs. Jeanne Johnson (Phil's wife) and John Dettloff, pictured in front of some of the Johnson family's mementos.

This picture of Cal Johnson, Circa 1924, gives you a perspective of the tackle in use.

     I soon discovered that Cal had kept impeccable records of his works, photos, and angling materials throughout his entire career… a career which spanned four decades, involved every aspect of the outdoors, and included every medium (from articles & books, to radio, and even into television).  After Cal Johnson passed away in 1953, all of his personal memorabilia was then stored away for some forty years.  After I had contacted him in 1993, Phil granted me the opportunity to sort through and organize these materials for the purpose of sharing this wealth of outdoor lore with the sportsmen of today.

     The materials included in the Cal Johnson library consist of literally hundreds of negatives (some of which are glass negatives) and photographs; hundreds of pieces of correspondence going back to the early 1920s from notables from practically every walk of life; scores of articles that Cal had written himself, some of which have never been published; radio scripts from the early 1930s; a half dozen aged scrapbooks from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s that include of wealth of information on Cal’s life and writing career; much additional documentation regarding his 1949 world record musky, including original affidavits, a never before published photo of the fish, and original letters of correspondence from not only Field & Stream Magazine but many others; and perhaps a hundred other books, pamphlets, and various reference materials that Cal had used himself during his broad research of the outdoors.

     So, on behalf of the Johnson family, and the late Phil Johnson, I am proud to share with you, the outdoor public, an ever changing sampling of the life and times and writings and lore of Cal Johnson. 

     It is the Johnson family’s hope that by getting to know of the many contributions that Cal had made to outdoor sport, in the name of both education and the preservation of our resources so that future generations will forever enjoy the great gifts that nature offers, that it may serve as an inspiration to others to continue to carry the torch of conservation and sportsmanship well into the future.  Furthermore, it is this writer’s hope that the skillful way in which Cal Johnson had put pen to paper in order to kindle the passion and love of sport by the telling of his lore and adventures be not forgotten with time, but be preserved and shared with tomorrows legions of coming outdoorsmen.

John Dettloff

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